Persönlicher Index,2010-2012

Persönlicher Index (Engl. transl. personal index) is a two years photographic research. Between 2010-12 I documented certain artist personalities in their constantly struggle for recognition and orientation while they were facing fear, joy, depression, desire and excess in Berlin.

Driven by fundamental questions like: Where do we come from, what do we seek for and how to handle everyday life conditions, I focused on happenings, non-happenings and the relevance of apparently trivial moments. In the installation of a strict raster, the Berlin photographs come together with images from the rural countryside of Northern Germany. Revisiting the place where I grew up, I concentrated on the daily routine directed by the rhythm of nature and working in agriculture.

The narrative photo documentation of the two drifting life realities contains sixty images and is finally installed as a visual confrontation and reflection over diverging values, human behaviour and its impact on our environment.

Installationsansicht, Bielefeld 2012